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photo du camion de notre ecole de surf avec une planche de surf

Our offers


Drop'in cours

  • 1 COURS 40€

  • 3 COURS 115€

  • 5 COURS 175€

  • 10 COURS 320€

Surf guiding Performance

  • 3 COURS 150€ / 250€*

  • 5 COURS 250€ / 400€*

*avec vidéo

Coaching video

  • 1 PERSONNE 70€

  • 2 PERSONNES 60€/Pers

  • 3 ET 4 PERSONNES 50€/Pers

One on one lessons

(de 1 à 8 personnes)

  • 1 Cours 200€

  • 3 Cours 580€

  • 5 Cours 900€

* juillet-août le weekend uniquement

One on one lessons

  • Carte Membre Drop'In

  • Créneaux chaque semaine

  • Adapté à vos disponibilités

  • Tarifs avantageux

These offers include the use of equipment, wetsuits and boards, transport from spot to spot, and insurance. All you need to bring is your swimming gear, your towel, your sun cream and above all your enthusiasm !!
Surfing sessions last 1 hour and 30 minutes (hour and a half)
You can count 3 hours in total, with the journey, the ‘putting on the wetsuit’ competition, and the surfing session. And all of that with a laugh with our friendly instructors.

Description de nos offres

Ancre 1

Drop'in Cours

photo d'un élève entrain de surfer pendant un cours de surf

Group surf lessons. 1 instructor will look after a maximum of 8 people. Surfing time in the water will be of a minimum of 1 hour and a half. We wish to take our time to accompany you on your journey. For this reason, we have chosen to have a 3 hour time frame, allowing you to take your time on riding that last wave and be able to end each session by catching up with our instructors and other group individuals. Our instructor will switch between being in the water and on the beach throughout the lesson.

Departing from our site in l’ile d’oleron, straight to the chosen spot. You can also choose to join us directly at the beach. ‘Wetsuit competition’ by the van, next choose the most suitable board for your level, and we’re off !
Our instructor will give you their most precious advice and the rest is down to you !!  Give it 100% !   

Our desire is to make you experience the surf lessons as if we were simply going surfing together.
And I can tell you, we never look at the time we spend in the water when we’re surfing.
The sessions will end with a little bit of debriefing on the beach. After which, we shall let you leave, full with memories of this great experience.

Surf Guiding Performance

Our two instructors will take you to discover all the different spots of l’ile d’oleron.
The themes of this session are discovery and performance. We will teach you to understand the different locations, allowing you to be in the right place at the right time. Once the spot has been found, one of our instructors will accompany you into the water to guide you through your session in this new location and will help you to understand all the specifics necessary, ( the best ways to cross the bar, the danger zones, the positioning of peaks). The second instructor will stay on the beach and film the session, thus helping progression with feedback throughout the session. 
We offer you the use of high performance eco-friendly surfboards of the brand : NOTOX.
This doesn’t however prevent you from surfing with your own equipment.

photo d'un surfeur dans un tube
Ancre 2

Coaching Vidéo

photo coach en surf

Filming is a tool often used in surfing. It is important to see yourself surfing to be able to progress, just like you’d watch another surfer. It allows you to understand your trajectory, the way you position yourself, your surfing style.

This package allows you to surf in small groups whilst being filmed. After the session, we all share a convivial moment and discuss your performances, using the videos. You can then take them with you, and keep a souvenir of this moment experienced with us. This offer gives you surfing lessons in small groups of maximum 4 people. Small groups means of course more thorough following and advice. Add to that some video feedback of your waves and you get a surf lesson that fully concentrates on progression and performance.

Ancre 3

Moniteur Particulier (Groupe)

This package will allow you to take 100% advantage of the instructor.
Just like the package ‘école de surf’, we shall accompany you in discovery and initiation.
You will also benefit from being one on one ,for more personalised sessions.
Warning ! The instructor will be more demanding !!

photo d'un surfeur
Ancre 4

Drop'in Crew

Destiné à tous les habitants de l'Île d'Oléron et des ses alentours, cette offre vous permettra de bénéficier d'un suivi à long terme dans votre progression et de tarifs préférentiels. Nous proposons chaque semaine des créneaux réservés aux adhérents Drop'in Crew, en s'adaptant aux niveaux de chacun et aux vagues.

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