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La Drop'In Surf Academy

Cours de surf et SurfCoaching

From April to October, the Drop’in surf academy welcomes you to l’ile d’oleron.
Located in St pierre d’oleron, Florent and Malou will have the pleasure of sharing their experiences and french savoir faire through surf lessons, and surf coaching. Drop’in surf academy is an eco-friendly mobile school.

Déroulement des cours de surf

  1. You can find us at the surf school in St Pierre or straight on the beach .

  2. Whilst we are loading the van, we will give you wetsuits to get changed into, on site if the weather isn’t great, or once at the beach when that beautiful sun is out !

  3. All aboard ! We all get in the van and head for the beach.

  4. Putting on Wetsuit competition in the car park.

  5. Once arrived on the beach, the lesson begins ! Let the 1 hour and a half begin !

  6. A little warm up, health and safety advice, our instructors first tips and first waves.

  7. During the lesson, the instructor will be in the water with you, guiding and giving the best advice.

  8. Once the lesson is finished, a little debriefing session with the instructor and then back to the school.

Les moniteurs



  • Instagram - Black Circle

  • Section sportive Surf (collège/Lycée) : 2x Vice champion de France tag team. Île d'Oléron et Hossegor.

  • Universitaire : Vice champion, championnat de France Universitaire, Capbreton

  • Fédéral :

    • Participation aux championnats de France de surf avec l'équipe de Charente Maritime 2015. 

    • Huitième de finale aux Championnats d'Aquitaine à Mimizan.

Bonjour Hello hola ! I’m Florent. If you are reading this, you are interested in our Drop’in Surf Academy surf school. 
So it is only normal that I tell you a bit more about myself and why I will most likely be sharing my passion with you.

The first sun rays I saw were in la Rochelle, and I grew up on L’ile D’óleron. When I was 8 years old, I discovered surfing, and being little like Obelix I fell into it !!
It was from then on that my passion for this sport started. And surfing has shaped me into the person I am today !

Sharing, friendship, freedom, excelling oneself, curiosity, these are all values i treasure, and the source of them all is surfing.

We share waves, sessions, souvenirs, so many great moments. We surf, we glide, we laugh, we progress amongst friends, and learn and enrich ourselves. Surfing is a great way of meeting people.

Certain sessions stick in the mind. The ones where you had to exceed all limits. Most often, the ones when you were scared, when you had a bit of stage fright to Keep pushing, to jump in, to catch a bomb.
A maximum of excelling oneself and an indescribable feeling.

To evolve in an environment such as the ocean is an eternal pleasure and every session, that sense of freedom, you get whilst on your own, in the middle of billions of gallons of water, is somewhat spectacular.
And to finish curiosity. The Curiosity to go Catching waves, wherever the wind and tides take us, and obviously to travel, discovering this world.

With family and friends, Spain, Morocco, Portugal and in 2018 Indonesia, are all places that I will never forget going to.

So ! You now know a bit more about me ! I hope I have made you even more eager to come and enjoy surfing, in a great friendly atmosphere at our Drop’in Surf Academy.



  • Instagram - Black Circle

  • Section sportive Surf (collège/Lycée) : 2x Vice champion de france tag team Île d'Oléron et Hossegor.​

  • Universitaire : 3 éme place aux championnats de France Universitaire à Capbreton.

  • Fédéral :

    • Champion de Charente maritime 2020.

    • Demi finale championnat d'Aquitaine à Lacanau.

    • Quart de final Coupe de France de Mimizan.

Me it’s Malou ! You’re interested in our Drop’in surf academy ?
Well then I’d better tell you a bit about by myself aswell ! Florent and myself have known each other for many years ! Both originally from Oleron, our life paths are linked and it is together that we have now put together this project, as if to be an accomplishment of our friendship ! 

Drop’in surf academy is the result of numerous years of studying and practicing surfing.
Expertise and skills that will allow us to give you the best possible experience.
The combination of our instructor Florent’s proficiency and my acquired abilities, through 5 years studying marketing, management, and entrepreneurship, has allowed us to embark on this adventure together.

For me, surfing is a passion, and also the most complete sport that I have ever done. It combines sport, via swimming and riding waves, with science, by judging weather conditions and understanding coastal environments. All of that mixed in with travelling !
This sport has made me go off to a variety of destinations, such as Morocco, Spain, Indonesia, Portugal where I learnt about new cultures, and most of all, witnessed all sorts of amazing waves and surroundings, totally different to where I’m from.

I also developed a certain passion for surfing in competitions. Different from “freesurfing”, which is really pure adventure, competitions push you to develop in rigor and progress. That adrenaline and motivation you feel before and during a competition really accelerate your development. As an amateur, competitions are just pure pleasure and full of encounters. No pressure for scores and results, just surfing at your best and being proud. Finishing in a good position, surrounded by my mates, is the best reward, having worked for hours on my different moves and manoeuvres. 

So that you can discover surfing under all of these aspects, we thought of our very own, one and only Drop’in Surf Academy : different to other schools.


The story of Drop'in Surf Academy

Drop’In surf academy is a story of friendship that started at high school. With some friends, we decided to create the Drop’in crew. A bunch of friends, crazy about board sports who wanted to share their passion through videos and photos. Since then, everyone has gone there separate ways, but we never lost our friendship, nor our passion for surf. Today, this surf school is a real wink to those superb years we spent amongst friends.

Smith and Smith ! Dupont and Dupont ! More commonly known as Florent and Malou. Thats us !! Two young people from Oleron, who can’t even remember anymore how long they’ve known each other, who are now starting this new adventure together.

Amidst the waves from a young age, we would like to share our passion with you and all values surfing has taught us : friendship, sharing, and respecting the planet.

Oleron island is an ideal place to surf, with its carved coastline, making surfing possible in a variety of circumstances. It is for this reason that we chose our childhood playground as the place to open our surf school.
Both originally from this island, we know all the different spots and their specifications. Surfing has been a real motor for us in life, and has always pushed us beyond our limits. Starting with local competitions, then onto regional and nationals, now finishing in the top 100, these last few years.

We both know how lucky we’ve been to have grown up in a place such as L’ile D’óleron. So much freedom, surrounded by the ocean from young, everything was in favour for us to be swept away by the waves.

To be able to thrive in an environment such as the ocean also made us understand the importance of protecting our natural habitats. We have therefore tried to associate our school with respecting the environment

With us, you will be surfing on hand made in biarritz foam boards and surfboards. Or even cork based boards made by Notox. The fins ? Nomads Surfing recycle fishing nets and turn them into surf fins. And guess what .. ? You will be surfing with nomad fins !!

A wetsuit made by the rochelaise brand Sooruz and their Blue Line range, certifying a neoprene made from recycled tyres.
All of these mentioned partners share our eco-responsable awareness and it seemed important to us to work with brands that care for the preservation of our planet.

Now, its time for you to come and sow your seeds and help this project to grow and last. I would like to thank you for reading this, and we shall find each other, two feet on the surfboard, lips salty, and smiles on our faces.

Book your course online

To book your lesson or for more information, contact us directly via telephone. If we are currently riding waves or unavailable to take your call, please leave a voice message or send us a text with your details and we will call you back ASAP.

You can also do all bookings on our website by filling in the "Reservations" form right here.

From July to August we shall also be welcoming you to our surf school at 36 rue Pierre Loti in Saint Pierre d’óleron.
Lola or Florent will be delighted to help.


  • Sharing our passion ! Drop’in Surf Academy can offer you, what we consider as , the best experience of surfing possible. This sport represents a huge part of our lives and we get so much joy from all related activities.

  •  To protect the environment in which we practice. To be able to progress and evolve in these waters is a blessing and this has to last. This is why we’d like to pass on to you our commitments regarding nature protection and preservation.

  • Friendship and sharing. Everything about the project revolves around these two important values. We will do everything we can to ensure our lessons follow these ethics and principles.


  • Our instructors,  with their French “Brevet Professionnel de la Jeunesse, de l'éducation et du sport” qualifications, can ensure lessons go ahead in safe and secure conditions. This qualification also ensures our instructors have level 1 first aid, and Florent has level 2 first aid, being a fully qualified ski patroller.

  • The equipment we use will guarantee you have an unforgettable and risk free experience. The use of foam boards and flexible fins will allow you to improve without fears and worries of injuries. And this year, you lucky people will have the advantage of using brand new equipment !

  • In depth knowledge of the surroundings. Our instructors have surfed on the island from a young age, and will always choose spots depending on your level.

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